And Here's How We Do It

We start with algae, Earth’s original superfood.



To make Thrive® Algae Oil, we first found the best algae for the job: an algae that is already a source of oil and good fats. We then looked to nature for the best plant traits to help make an even better oil: higher in monounsaturated fats and lower in saturated fats.

With the same approach used for making cheeses, vitamins and medicine, we use biotechnology to bring these plant traits back to our algae. The result is an oil better for people and the planet.

We grow our algae in a pure and controlled environment.

Like vitamins, wine, beer.


Our algae are grown in fermenters, just like the kind used for making wine, beer and vitamins. Inside the fermenters, the algae consume renewable plant sugars to make oil in just a few days.

Finally, we expeller press the algae to free the oil.

Like coconut and seed oils. 


We press the algae to release the oil, using the same pressing method used for coconut and seed oils. The oil is then refined and bottled.

No waste: the leftover algae can be used for renewable energy and many other uses.

Better for People

Thrive® Algae Oil in place of your current oil can help you fill the MUFA gap in your diet. It also has the lowest percentage of saturated fat of any cooking oil, with 75% less saturated fat than olive oil.

Better for the Planet

Algae can provide a sustainable source of oil. Our aim is that Thrive® Algae Oil will be one of the most sustainably produced cooking oils, with more Thrive® Algae Oil produced per acre of land, and a lower carbon and water footprint, than nearly all cooking oils.

*For those within normal range.

This product contains 14g total fat, with 0.5g saturated fat per serving; olive oil 2g per serving.